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Updates from Cantor Larry I. Brandspiegel ~ Cantor's Chat


"Paging Through The Siddur 2"

with a Musical Understanding

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Thank you to all those that joined on the Zoom on Thursday, March 26th.

Please join Cantor Larry again for a continuation about the layout of the Siddur and some musical extras to guide us about knowing "where" we are during a service.  

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Broadway Lite

If you missed it on the EBJC Tidbits, check it out here.  With the EBJC Broadway Revue being postponed, we wanted you to still have a little taste of the Broadway magic.  Thank you to Ellen Botwin for joining me in this video and a special thanks to Steve Zeidwerg for helping out with the video camera. 

Click on this link to see Tevye and Golde star in "Can You Touch Me?"

Cantor's Corner

Hi everyone,

As we get more into the unknown, it is the known that can keep us going. The known is the upcoming holiday of Pesah. Perhaps our plans may have changed slightly, but we will celebrate this holiday as families, with love, memories, learning, and song.

Below I have added more links for the songs we can sing at the Pesah Seder. Every couple of days I will add new music links.

Please click on any of the links and enjoy the music.

Also, if there is something you might want a melody for, maybe I know it or I can try to find it for you. Please email me with any questions at

Enjoy and stay safe and well.

~Cantor Larry

March 30, 2020

Please click Had Gadya [English].


March 29, 2020

Please click Hasal Siddur Pesah. 

Please click Who Knows One. 


March 26, 2020

Please click It's Our Passover Seder.

Please click Dayyenu.

Please click V'nomar L'fanav.


March 24, 2020

Please click Ma Nishtana 1.

Please click Avadim Hayyinu.

Please click V'hi She'am'da.

Please click Seder Plate song.

Please click Our Passover Things.

Please click The Eight Nights of Pesah.

Please click for a special Plagues video.


March 22, 2020:

Please click Seder Order song 2.

Please click Ha Lahma Anya.

Please click Ma Nishtana 2.


March 19, 2020:

Please click Seder Order song 1.

Please click Kiddush.


For iPhone users: If you are having difficulty getting the files to play after hitting the Play Arrow, try clicking on the Down Arrow at the top of the page, and when the message to View or Download pops up, click on View and you should be able to listen to the music.

Mon, March 30 2020 5 Nisan 5780