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Updates from Cantor Larry I. Brandspiegel ~ Cantor's Chat

Kesher and Youth Registration 2020-2021

Kesher and Youth programs Registration is now online for the 2020-2021 school year. Please click the link and jump on board for the exciting year ahead.  Zoom or in-person, we are going to learn and have fun.


Hallelujah ~ Cantor Larry Brandspiegel and Executive

Director, Ellen Botwin.


Shabbat B'yachad Family Service

Hello Kesher Families, 

Shabbat morning, December 19th at ~11:45am.  I hope you can join in.  

Click for a .PDF copy of the Shabbat B'yachad Siddur.


Shabbat Y'ladim (Tot Shabbat)

Please join in for you and your children (feel free to forward to other family and friends) to come and sing along with Shabbat songs and have a special reading from our friends Eric and Mickey. 



"Havdalah with the Brandspiegels"

Thank you for joining my family. We look forward to gathering together with you very soon for another Havdalah service. 


"Passover meets Corona"

Added on April 7, 2020

So when the house is clean and turned over for Pesah, "B'dikat Hametz" has been completed, the Chicken Soup is cooking and the Turkey is in the oven, what does one do next?

Well, this is what my kids and I have done for you. We hope you stay safe and well and have an enjoyable Pesah.

Please click:
Passover meets Corona!

For a .pdf of the lyrics, please click:
Lyrics for Passover meets Corona!


"Fox and Camel" - a special reading for kids through 2nd grade


Thank you to Mickey and Eric for reading to us and creating such a special time together.  

Youth Night 

For Youth Night programs please contact Cantor Larry.

Broadway Lite

If you missed it on the EBJC Tidbits, check it out here.  With the EBJC Broadway Revue being postponed, we wanted you to still have a little taste of the Broadway magic.  Thank you to Ellen Botwin for joining me in this video and a special thanks to Steve Zeidwerg for helping out with the video camera. 

Click on this link to see Tevye and Golde star in "Can You Touch Me?"

Cantor's Corner

Hi everyone,

As we get more into the unknown, it is the known that can keep us going. The known is the upcoming holiday of Pesah. Perhaps our plans may have changed slightly, but we will celebrate this holiday as families, with love, memories, learning, and song.

Below I have added more links for the songs we can sing at the Pesah Seder. Every couple of days I will add new music links.

Please click on any of the links and enjoy the music.

Also, if there is something you might want a melody for, maybe I know it or I can try to find it for you. Please email me with any questions at

Enjoy and stay safe and well.

~Cantor Larry

April 7, 2020

Please click:
Passover meets Corona!

For a .pdf of the lyrics, please click:
Lyrics for Passover meets Corona!

March 30, 2020

Please click Had Gadya [English].


March 29, 2020

Please click Hasal Siddur Pesah. 

Please click Who Knows One. 


March 26, 2020

Please click It's Our Passover Seder.

Please click Dayyenu.

Please click V'nomar L'fanav.


March 24, 2020

Please click Ma Nishtana 1.

Please click Avadim Hayyinu.

Please click V'hi She'am'da.

Please click Seder Plate song.

Please click Our Passover Things.

Please click The Eight Nights of Pesah.

Please click for a special Plagues video.


March 22, 2020:

Please click Seder Order song 2.

Please click Ha Lahma Anya.

Please click Ma Nishtana 2.


March 19, 2020:

Please click Seder Order song 1.

Please click Kiddush.


For iPhone users: If you are having difficulty getting the files to play after hitting the Play Arrow, try clicking on the Down Arrow at the top of the page, and when the message to View or Download pops up, click on View and you should be able to listen to the music.

Download Haggadah


For this year's Covid 19 emergency, offerings for free PDF downloads of Haggadot.

Click on the UNDERLINED words to link to the .PDF versions. 

Different Night classic edition.  The Family Participation Haggadah.  AKA the haggadah what slew the Maxwell House.  Published 1997.  With Storytellers insert, 2017.

A Different Night compact edition.  A smaller version, including most but not all of what made the original a success  Published 2002. 

      Seder Planner that works with both ADN classic and compact.

A Night to Remember.  The Haggadah of Contemotary Voices.  Full color, contemporary commentary.  Published 2007. 

      Seder Planner for A Night to Remember.

Tue, November 30 2021 26 Kislev 5782