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Joining a Synagogue is a very personal decision.  It shouldn't ONLY be because your children need to start Kesher (Hebrew School) or you have a child in our CEL Preschool and it's cheaper for members.  Joining a Synagogue is like finding a second home. This is where you not only pray, but where you socialize, where you learn and where you feel comfortable. Making a connection is truly important and that's what we want.  We want you to connect; connect with the Rabbi, with the Cantor and with the members of our community as you have so many things in common.  Before making a decision to join any Synagogue, you should talk to the clergy, come to services, take a class or join in a social activity. You will NEVER be pressured to join, we will talk to you, we will schmooze and we will welcome you when you are ready.

Our year begins July 1st and ends June 30th the following year. Membership categories are Full Family (2 adults with or without children), Individual (a single person with or without children), Senior Family, Senior Individual and Associate (family that is a full dues paying member of another synagogue).  Whenever a new family or individual joins, we offer our "New Member Program". The first year dues is 33% of the category in which they belong, the second year is 66% and the third year is full. We will NEVER turn away a family that wishes to belong to our community, but is having difficulty financially. We will talk, we will come to an agreement and you will be welcomed (reduced dues are kept in the strictest of confidence as this information is NEVER released).

So what's the first step?  Call!  Christine Mahler, our Executive Director will be happy to talk to you, provide guidance and information.  She can be reached at 732-257-7070 x5 or

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Tue, May 21 2024 13 Iyyar 5784