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What makes a synagogue interesting and exciting and able to fill the needs of its member families and family members?

Every individual piece of a puzzle makes its puzzle unique.  Without each piece, pressed and snapped properly into its correct position, the picture cannot emerge with the message it was intended to express.

The East Brunswick Jewish Center is made up of hundreds and hundreds of member families each with its own specific sets of needs and values.  Within each family, each member comes along with his or her own expression of the family‚Äôs needs and values.

The East Brunswick Jewish Center is the picture puzzle.  Our love of God and the knowledge that God loves us is the message included in every piece of the puzzle.  It is the purpose of the East Brunswick Jewish Center to help place all those puzzle pieces together so that each member family and family member feels properly placed in the picture and sees his or her relationship to God in the picture that is EBJC.

A synagogue is made up of hundreds of volunteers belonging to dozens of groups.  Please browse though our Organizations and Committees and Activities until you find the ones (yes, find as many as you like) that help you to find your place in the puzzle.

Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784