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Sisterhood - December 2018

 When this issue arrives in your homes, you will hopefully be lighting candles and frying latkes.  There is nothing like Chanukah to illuminate the early darkness and the chill of winter.

If you still haven’t joined or rejoined Sisterhood, it’s not too late.  You will stand among 115 proud members who support our mission and want to make a significant contribution to our congregation. Our goal is 100% membership, so that Sisterhood can truly represent the glorious array of women in EBJC—women of all ages and education levels, women who are both traditional and progressive in their practice of Judaism. Sisterhood embraces us all and works to help each of us fulfill her highest potential and aspirations as a Jewish woman. We warmly welcome you.


Rabbi Pivo’s adult education series “Torah, Time and Tefillah” is an intellectual adventure every Thursday evening after minyan. This is no ordinary lecture.  It is a lively, interactive class, filled with questions, comments, and sharing of stories. The two-year curriculum can culminate in bar/bat mitzvah for those who wish.  If you’d like to check out the syllabus, the entire outline for the two-year course is available online. And you can join at any time, or just visit those classes that interest you most, so it’s clearly worth a try—just ask any of the 30 men and women who regularly attend.

October was marked by a fascinating five-day Artist-in-Residence program, featuring renowned artist Mordechai Rosenstein.  His pieces are colorful and stimulating, and they tell beautiful stories about our sacred books, history, and culture. Rosenstein’s creative use of Hebrew calligraphy makes his work truly unique.  On November 1st, Sisterhood presented “Originals by an Original,” a slideshow and lecture by Rosenstein himself, in which he displayed a variety of custom-designed commission pieces he has created over the years, including ketubot, birth announcements, and invitations. Through his narration, we gained valuable insights into the inspirations that drive Rosenstein’s innovative talent.

On Friday evening, November 9th, Sisterhood and Men’s Club hosted a joint Kabbalat Shabbat dinner and service, featuring storytelling and a sing-a-long by our own Rabbi Pivo and Cantor Brandspiegel.  The cozy group basked in the joy of fellowship with our friends and neighbors on Shabbat.


On November 4th, EBJC Sisterhood was honored with a Torah Fund Award at the Garden State Region Brunch, in recognition of the fact that we exceeded our Torah Fund goal last year. And we have already reached over 90 percent of this year’s goal, so we are well on our way to another honor!

This annual fundraising project supports all the educational institutions of Conservative Judaism throughout the world. You can demonstrate your commitment to this cause by purchasing a beautifully designed pin for $180. This year’s pin features the insignia “Atid,” meaning “Future” on a stunning polished black background. But all donations are welcome at any level.  Contact our exceptional Torah Fund chair Jody Bramson at to get involved.


On The Horizon

Jewish Comedy Night with Men’s Club on Saturday, December 15th, spotlighting humorous entertainer

        Al Kustanowitz offering a multimedia presentation (see information in the Recorder)

Wine and Chocolate event with Sisterhood of B’nai Tikvah in North Brunswick

Torah Fund Dinner and Service on Friday, March 8th

*Please remember to read each Friday’s Tidbits email blast to learn details of upcoming events

   “Everyone should know and understand that inside each individual there’s a light,

     And no one’s light is identical to another’s and there is no human without a light.

    One must kindle it, and strengthen it into a great torch, and use it to brighten the whole world.”

          --Rav Abraham Isaac Kook


In this season of miracles, let’s vow to fortify the bonds that unite us as Jewish women—intense love for our families, fierce commitment to Jewish values and education, compassionate outreach to the vulnerable among us, and sincere dedication to the continuity of our heritage and faith.


From our families to yours, wishing you all the beauty and joy of Chanukah,

Margot Julis

Sara Ullman 


Wed, October 21 2020 3 Cheshvan 5781