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High Holiday Schedule of EBJC Services 2020/5781


Selihot 9/12:   

8 p.m. program with Kol B’Seder                  Remote

9 p.m. study with Rabbi and Cantor              Remote

10 p.m. Selichot service                               Remote


Rosh Hashanah I 9/18-19:

6 p.m. Erev Rosh Hashanah I                        Onsite/Remote

9 a.m. Rosh Hashanah I morning                   Onsite/Remote

6:45 p.m Rosh Hashanah I mincha                 Onsite/Remote


Rosh Hashanah II: 9/19-20

7:45 p.m. Rosh Hashanah II ma’ariv              Onsite/Remote

9 a.m. Rosh Hashanah II morning                 Onsite/Remote

4 p.m. Shofar blowing (traditional)                Onsite/Outdoors (parking lot)*

4:30 p.m. Shofar blowing (egalitarian)          Onsite/Outdoors (parking lot)*

5 p.m. Shofar blowing (traditional)                Onsite/Outdoors (parking lot)*

6:45 p.m. Rosh Hashanah II mincha              Remote

8: p.m. Weekday minyan                              Remote

If you are walking to the Shofar blowing service, please walk to the perimeter of the parking lot and stay socially distant.  If you are driving, you will be directed to an available spot, where you will remain for the length of the service.


Yom Kippur: 9/27-28

3 p.m. mincha prior to Yom Kippur               Remote

6 p.m. Kol Nidrei                                         Onsite/Remote

9 a.m. Yom Kippur morning                         Onsite/Remote

5 p.m. Yom Kippur mincha                           Onsite/Remote

Ne’ilah and ma’ariv immediately following mincha    Onsite/Remote

Final shofar blast/end of fast                        Onsite/Remote


Sukkot I/Shabbat: 10/2-3

6 p.m. Erev Sukkot I ma’ariv                         Onsite/Remote

9:30 a.m. Sukkot I morning                           Onsite/Remote

6:30 p.m. Sukkot I mincha                            Remote


[Rabbi and Cantor will teach between mincha and ma’ariv.]


Sukkot II: 10/3-4

8:00 p.m. Erev Sukkot II ma’ariv                   Remote

9:30 a.m. Sukkot II morning                         Onsite/Remote

6:45 p.m. Sukkot II mincha                           Remote


Chol haMo’ed: 10/5-8

8:00 p.m. Evening minyan                             Remote

7:30 a.m. Morning minyan                             Remote


Hoshanah Rabbah: 10/9

7:30 a.m.                                                     Onsite/Remote

Shemini Atzeret/Shabbat: 10/9-10

6 p.m. Erev Shemini Atzeret ma’ariv               Onsite/Remote

9:30 a.m. Shemini Atzeret morning                Onsite/Remote


Simchat Torah: 10/10-11

7 p.m. Simchat Torah ma’ariv                        Onsite/Remote

9:30 a.m. Simchat Torah morning                  Onsite/Remote

8:00 p.m. evening                                        Remote


Tue, September 29 2020 11 Tishrei 5781