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Father's Day Shout Out

East Brunswick Jewish Center Salutes our Dads!


You are all Special!


From the Brandspiegel Family

Larry – Happy Father’s Day! We Love You! Love- Laura, Samantha and Avi, Heather, Jeremy and Shayna


From Amy Cohen

Happy Father's Day to the Best Saba, Abba and Husband! Love Amy


From Michelle Bloom to David Weisfelner

To the best grandpa to my boys. Wishing him a very happy Father's Day. Love, Michelle, Jonathan, Mitchell, Jacob and Ari Bloom


From Carol Weisfelner

You always say that there's a tool for everything. You're right! The stud-finder worked miracles when it came to getting the perfect husband. happy Father's Day, Love Carol


From Rachel Weisfelner

Wishing you a very Happy Father's Day. Love, Rachel


From Sara Ullman

Happy Father's Day to a devoted husband and dad of three who did everything from constructing creative mobiles and dioramas, to schlepping all over the state for travel soccer games, to moving kids each year of college. You have our utmost love and gratitude, Sara, Rebecca, Marc and Myles


From Abby & Ezra Weinberg

Here's to THE greatest Abba, Baabaaa, Chaver, BoyScout, Community Orgnanizer, Son, Brother, Uncle, Cousin, Husband and Jew WE KNOW! We love you, love you, love you! Abby & Ezra (and Nathan, Dasi, Hu, Ben & Ariel)


From Anita Freidenreich

To Steven Bellows - Happy Father's Day to a wonderful father and grandfather

To Andrew Dinsmore - Happy Father's Day to a wonderful father.

To David Small - Happy Father's Day to a wonderful father


From Margot Julis

David, you are the most loving, fun and crazy Dad and GRANDpa!!! We love you!


From Cindi Jacobs

Happy Father’s Day Howie - to the best husband, father, and Zadie ever.

Happy Father’s Day Jason - to a wonderful father to Sammy!!


From Roxsene Plafker

Happy Father's Day Jules. You are a wonderfully dedicated father, PopPop, and husband. From your loving family, Roxsene


From Lory Pelofsky:

Happy Father's Day Eric. You are a very special dad and there has been nothing you wouldn't do for the girls since the day they were born. I'm so proud of you. Love, Mom

Happy Father's Day Dan. You are a very patient and loving dad and I am so proud of you. Love, Mom P


From Jordan Genee

Happy Father's Day! From your favorite son and family. Love, Jordan, Lanie, Drew and Elliot!


From Arielle Genee Sternberg

Happy Father's Day to a wonderful Dad and Papou. We love you! Arielle, Josh, Willa and Julus


From Mark Perlman

To Dan and Matt - Happy Father's Day! Love, Mom and Dad


From Andy Lee

A Happy Father's Day Shout Out to Neil Freedlander who helped change diapers, cooked meals, went on grocery runs, gave baths, put kids to bed, and who is a team player when it comes to parenting. Gratefully, Andrea & Mel

A Happy Father's Day Shout Out to David Charles Schuman who helped change diapers, cooked meals, went on grocery runs, gave baths, put kids to bed, and who is a team player when it comes to parenting. Thankfully, Mel & Andrea

A Happy Father's Day Shout Out to Mel Zalcman..."Anyone can be a father but it takes a Special Person to be a Dad!"


From Sherryl Kaufman

To Mickey, the Best Honey, Dad & Papa! Happy Father's Day with Love, Sherryl, Alex, Marci, Mandy, Nick, Andrea, Aaron, Taylor, Casey & Dylan

To Alex, Happy Father's Day to a loving son, brother, husband and DAD!!! Love, Mom and Dad

To Nick, Happy Father's Day to a wonderful son-in-law, husband and DAD!!! Love, Sherryl & Mickey


From Sari Frances

To my father who is the most patient, supportive, and understanding man I know, who also puts up with my stubbornness. Love you more than you'll ever know!


From Erin Frances Sternthal

We want to wish our, Dad and Papa, Joel Frances, the best Father's Day! We are so blessed to have you in our lives and love you so much! Love, Erin, Matt, Brandon and Morgan


From Anita Price

To Herman Price, one of the best dad's in the world!


From Carol Landa

To my husband, Jay, who keeps me balanced and always moving forward...Happy Father's Day!

To my amazing son-in-law, Todd, who balances work (at the hospital) and home (with a preschooler)... Happy Father's Day!

To my brother, Scott, who, in the midst of the Covid epidemic, was working from home and teaching karate two nights a week, and who loves a good family Zoom...Happy Father's Day!

To my brother-in-law, Bruce, who keeps us entertained and in awe

on Facebook with photographs of the hundreds of plants and animals (both domesticated and wild) which inhabit his "gentlemen's farm"...Happy Father's Day!

To my Brother-in-law, Rusty, who raised two incredibly amazing kids along with my sister and is never without a "new project"...Happy Father's Day!

To my nephew George, for being an awesome new Dad to baby Gus and who built the most amazing chicken coop ever (even if only Big Bird remains)...Happy Father's Day!


From Brenda Albert

To Steve...Thank you and Happy Father's Day to the best husband, father and grandfather. We love you, Brenda, Shira, Craig, Farrah, Millie, Rachel, mark, Vivian, Piper, Matthew, Batya, Charlie and Adin


From Theresa Seidler

Robert, you are the loving daddy we knew you would be. With love and pride, Mom

Joe, you are a very special and caring Pop Pop. Love, All

Wed, July 8 2020 16 Tammuz 5780