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Online Events - Updated On 9/27/20 at 4:00 PM


All online programming times and links will be posted on this page.  Please scroll to the bottom for special events and items of interest.

High Holiday Services Zoom Link

We sincerely hope you enjoy and appreciate the ability to zoom
High Holiday services with EBJC.
The Yizkor prayer (for Yom Kippur) will be shared on the screen at the proper time. 

We made a conscious decision not to charge for zooming or for high holiday tickets.  We ask that if you participated in any or all of the services, that you make a donation to EBJC, in any amount, to help us continue to offer our programs, services and events online. To make a donation CLICK HERE

Click on Link to Attend - LINK

***You must display your first and last name on your Zoom screen throughout the service.  To change your name, hover on upper right of  your Zoom box and click on the 3 horizontal dots and then you should click on rename. Please type your name in the box and click OK. 



This year, we are providing the  Yizkor Book online for those of you that need the Yizkor prayers and Mourners Kaddish.  There will be hard copies available for services as well. One per family Please.  Click HERE for the Yizkor Book.

Schedule of High Holiday Services

The schedule of our High Holiday Services can be found here:

Click on Link - LINK


High Holiday Youth Services/ Discussions


10am - 10:30am ~ Tots through 2nd grade

10:30am - 11am ~ 3rd - 7th grades

11:45am - 12:15pm ~ 8th - 12th grades

Click on Link to Attend - LINK

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For a copy of the Kaddish prayer with no minyan, click the LINK



Evening Minyan with Rabbi Pivo:
Sunday through Thursday evenings at 8:00 pm
Evening minyan. Starting May 31 this will include both ma'ariv and mincha.
Click on Link to Attend - LINK
Morning Minyan with Jack Silverman:
Sunday morning at 8:00 am
Monday through Friday mornings at 7:30 am
Click on Link to Attend - LINK


**For our protection, anyone attending services must have a first and/or last name as a screen name in order to attend. If you enter with a screen name consisting of punctuation marks, device names only, or other random characters, etc., you will be removed from services with no prior warning. If you are asked by the host to provide your full name and you ignore the request, you will be removed from services.**
Erev Shabbat and Shabbat Morning Services:
Erev Shabbat - Friday evening at 6:00pm
Shabbat Morning Services - 9:30am
Click on Link to Attend - LINK
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Weekly Havdalah Service:

Saturday evening - 1 hour after Candle Lighting.
We are looking for volunteers to lead this service. Please contact the Rabbi if you are interested.
Click on Link to Attend - LINK


None planned at this time.






Genesis - Science Class with Dr. Judah Landa:

Every Monday at 8:30pm sharp

Click on Link to attend  -  LINK


Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Pivo:

Every Wednesday at 12:00pm

During the spring and summer, Rabbi Pivo’s Lunch and Learn class will discuss the May 2020 Teshuvah on the use of electronic streaming on Shabbat and Yom Tov. Join us in studying this teshuvah from the Conservative movement’s Committee on Jewish Law and Standards.

Click on Link to attend  -  LINK

**Click on Link to view and download the document of discussion authored by Rabbi Joshua Heller** - LINK


Talmud Class with Dr. Judah Landa:

Every Wednesday at 8:30pm sharp

Click on Link to attend  -  LINK


Parshat HaShavuah with Rabbi Pivo:

Every Friday at 12:00pm

I will continue to teach my Parshat HaShavuah class. Join the conversation as we delve into the text and meaning of each weekly portion.

Click on Link to attend  -  LINK



None planned at this time.


None at this time.




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